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Historic Route Red

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The historic route , passing through Red fort and its surroundings , starts from the village , located near the medieval ruins . Length is only about 2 km away. After leaving the village, headed to the parking lot in front of the castle and climb the almost vertical stairs leading to the entrance of the Fort. During the tour of the castle you can count on valuable explanations of professional guides provided for visitors from Rousse Historical Museum.

Red is one of the largest military, administrative , commercial , cultural and craft centers of the Second Bulgarian Empire (XII - XIV century ) . The ruins of the fort are quite well preserved , located 35 km south of Ruse, near the village . Strategic location and its accessibility difficult , however, are assessed well before the Bulgarians to conquer our current lands. Ancient Thracians they live here , and Byzantine times the place was built a strong fort .

The real heyday of Red is certainly coming of the Second Bulgarian Empire , and in particular its delivery to metropolitan center of Tsar Ivan Asen II ( in 1235 ) . Soon after , however, the city experienced two consecutive severe blow after it was conquered first by the Tartars ( 1242 ) and then by the Byzantines during the king Ivaylo ( 1278-1280 year) .

However, in the XIV century Red is a large and wealthy city with a remarkable urban structure, including fortified " citadel " , located on the large rock hill formed circle of the Cherni Lom and outer city lying at the foot and on the surrounding hills. Fenced area has a complex defense system and is very close up .

The flowering of Red ended with the conquest by the Ottoman Turks in 1388 . However, it is one of the most attractive destinations for lovers of historical and religious tourism , as many of its buildings and fortifications are well preserved , and the majesty of the surrounding countryside complements the magnetism of the area. During excavations in red are detected and partially restored feudal castle , the majority of the defense facilities of fragments of its sewer system , 13 churches, public and administrative buildings and workshops.

Once at the castle , you can go down to the river stairs located on the west side . Here you can see an authentic water supply facility in the Middle Ages . Returning to the village becomes a dirt road upstream. The hike is relatively easy , except for uploading the stone stairs to the citadel , but with a little more concentration anyone can enjoy the historical heritage and stunning views offered by Red .

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