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Haydushka pesen hut

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Haidushka pesen hut is located in the Rogatcheva forest about 870 meters altitude. Located in a remarkably beautiful area on the border of the reserve " Kozya Stena " , the influx of the creek Rogatcheva and Kamacharska . Almost has a mineral spring which is used to fill a swimming pool.

The complex consists of two-storey building housing the thirty-eight men and sixteen two-seater bungalows. Showers and bathrooms are outside , and the central building is water and electricity . In winter the cabin is heated with solid fuel. The guests are a tourist kitchen and canteen . Bungalows are also electrified , but used only in spring .

The hut can be reached from the village of Chiflik for an hour and a half walking seven kilometers on an asphalt road . Haydushka pesenhas a car park, to come with a car is not a problem .

Nearby are Mount Kozya Stena and hut with the same name . The road to it takes two and a half hours along a marked path . Eho hut also in the region - among the old deciduous forests and fresh mountain air , the road there takes four and a half hours . So is the Troyan Pass, as well as to the place or area .

Nearby is the monument of Todor Kableshkov , which is only a fifteen minute transition and reserve Kozya Stena is on twenty minutes.

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