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Cycle route Chuipetlovo - Simeon...

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The starting point of this cycle route is Chouipetlovo village located about fifty kilometers from Sofia. Chuipetlovo is the highest situated village in Vitosha (1200 m altitudes) and is the first village through which the river Struma after springing from the mountain. From here the track starts hammering - you should climb up a dirt road to the saddle Smilyo which is southeast of the village. Once you get to it, you expect a long descent to the southeast Yarlovo.

The route crosses the center of the village, and soon left the school depart on an asphalt road. Less than half a mile later, the route takes you to the black dirt road. Consistently cross three rivers and the route continues through the vast area covered with grass rastitenost then entering a pine forest. After the third creek pass iron boom lift, and then the track moves in long horizontal line leading to the main road from Sofia to Samokov.

When you cross the asphalt road climbing to the area birch. It deviation to the left, which will orient extension bus stop. Need to take left again immediately after. Descend gradually to reach the courtyard of the TV repeater where you turn a path covered with grass. Two hundred meters later you pass a very narrow bridge that you should wear the bike and to approach with caution so as not to slip.

The horizontal portion of the road passing through two meadows and river crossing railways in the path of her hut "Fizkulturnik" and then climb up to the beginning of the alley "Engineer Ivan Ivanov" and driving on level track, which are found in low-lying below you villages Railway and Bistrica. When you get to the mark of the last village hut "Aleko" go down on her, but only a hundred meters you cross a bridge and lane move over canal over the Sofia district "Simeonovo". After some smooth coils find yourself in it - the end point of the route.

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