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Historic Landmark
Prisovo monastery

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Nowadays Prisovo monastery "St. Archangel Michael " near the town Osen is permanent and includes a church, residential and commercial buildings . The church is a basilica , an outdoor porch with two conchas and was built by master Petko Hristov in 1858

Tradition tells of the dedication of the monastery of the chief archangel Michael . According to him, it was named after the saint , as the monastery was built during the Second Bulgarian Empire from the Assen brothers in the honor and glory of the Bulgarian soldiers who died in battle with the Byzantines , led by the Byzantine ruler Isaac Angel . The battle took place right on Michaelmas . After the construction of the monastery there were preparing church officials and scribes of books. Because of its location near the old town - Tarnovo, Prisovo monastery was often visited by the royal family , and richly endowed by them with money and church plate . Often the monastery came Tsar Ivan Alexander and his family.

As the Ottoman Turks in the Bulgarian lands evil fate befell the monastery near Osen . He was devastated , but at the beginning of the XV century was restored and the monks there are flourishing literary activity . During Tarnovo Uprisings Todor Ballina and Paul Djordjich ( 1598 and 1686 ) , the monastery was destroyed again . Its restoration was made in the late 50s of the XIX century, then master Petko Hristov Debelec city began construction of the current church nave . With donations help many believers of Osen and Prisovo and bourgeois class of Gabrovo , Veliko Tarnovo and Dryanovo .

About how prominently Prisovo monastery "St. Archangel Michael " in the years before the liberation many educators say , Revival , rebels and revolutionaries who visit the monastery . Among these appear the names of Khitov , Vasil Levski , Ivan Karshovski Matthew Transfiguration , Ilarion Dimitar General and others. Before the outbreak of the April Uprising arrives at the monastery and Hariton , which makes meeting in igumenovata cell.

Located 8 km south of Veliko Tarnovo, near Prisovo monastery "St. Archangel Michael " can be easily reached . Exit to the monastery is on the way from Veliko Tarnovo to Osen . Prisovo monastery does not offer accommodation or food.

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