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Historic Landmark
Izvorski monastery

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For Izvorski Monastery "Assumption" lives the legend that was founded in XII century Russian prince Sourcing Tabor brought to the holy place of the "flying " icon. Today the monastery is located 2 km from Vidin village of Izvor is acting female Bulgarian Orthodox monastery and belongs to the Diocese of Vidin . Around it is a sacred spring - ayazmo.

From the little historical information available to us today , we know that the monastery was plundered and destroyed by the advent of the Ottoman Turks in the Bulgarian lands . As a result of the devastation of the monastery all its inhabitants have abandoned him . Restoration began on the initiative of the monk Sylvester . Of preserved today in a file monastery manuscript Life of St. Ephraim the S irnilearn that one time the monastery was called " Dry creek " . After the restoration of the monastery was called " Izvorski ."

A curious moment in the history of the monastery complex is the fact that by 1860 he ruled by abbots . The last one monk Agapi became subject to persecution and therefore fled to Serbia in 1861 remained in the monastery monks - Cyril and Gabriel Hrisant built in 1864 iconostasis . The graves of three monks are located behind the altar in the yard.

From 1915 onwards Izvorski Monastery "Assumption" is the status of the convent . Indwelling three nuns and three novices . In 1923 , he graduated from the reopening of the church - a work made ​​possible thanks to donations from the laity of Vidin and Lom and Vidin funds of the diocese . The frescoes in the church are the work of artist Gospodin Serbezov ( 1873-1937 ) . He has painted the some of the scenes in the church " Seven Saints" memorial "Alexander Nevski" in Sofia and in the church "St. Dimitar " in Vidin.

During the 1988-1989 year to replace the then -storey building of the monastery was built Izvorski three- monastic complex with facilities for guests with water, sanitation and heating.

Since 2004, the abbot of the monastery , Archimandrite Vasily .

Currently Izvorski monastery offers accommodation and food. In the monastery has a capacity of 20 beds for people, rooms with private bathroom and satellite TV. The monastery's dining room for 40 people . The monastery can be reached on the main road ( E79 ) from Vidin to Montana by road to the monastery was in town Dimovo.

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