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Dobridol monastery

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Dobri dol

Dobridol monastery "St. Trinity " is located in Northern Bulgaria . It is located 22 km from the town of Lom and 35 km from the town of Vidin. When in 1868 the Austro- Hungarian archaeologist and ethnographer Felix Kanitz visited him , wrote to him as follows : "I found him surrounded on all sides by gorgeous greenery and shade of clustered fruit walnut trees , a shepherd was grazing his numerous herds. "

About 300 meters south of the monastery is a sacred spring - "ayazmo"" called on the saints Cosmas and Damian . Tradition tells of the healing properties of holy spring that led to the construction of the monastery . In the old days , a blind old man lost cow in dingle . Hours to squeeze through thickets , listening to hear where it was a time to reach his hearing faint murmur . Closer to spring ( spring ) , drinking from his water and rinsing your eyes . And their joy, immediately seeing. The old man thought that this would have to know more people and need to find a remedy. They need to build a monastery - the spiritual shelter for people who take care of the holy spring , and shelter for those in need of its healing water. The population of the surrounding villages were united and built a monastery and so this place became a center of human faith hope.

History of the monastery is not very detailed . What little we know is that it was founded shortly before Byzantium to conquer the Bulgarian state in the IX century, then historical data illuminate the time after the conquest of the Vidin Kingdom by the Ottoman Turks. Then the monastery , like hundreds of other Bulgarian Orthodox churches destroyed . Life in the monastery "St. Trinity " re- emerged in 1610. Then a resumption handle one of nine saints Sofia - Rev. Pimen Zografski . For many years he toured Bulgarian lands preached built and updated temples and monasteries. Painter first visited Sofia and its surroundings , then was in southern Bulgaria, Northern Bulgaria , where visited Vidin , Silistra and other cities.

After Chiprovsko uprising in 1688 , the monastery was again destroyed. Final destruction of the monastery took place in 1828 during the Russo- Turkish War.

Nowadays Dobridol monastery "St. Trinity " is constantly running. The monastery is inhabited by three monks and four novice . The church in the monastery was renovated in XIX century and represents nave, cruciform , domed apse building built on octahedral drum. Cloister offers accommodation and food. The monastery is easy to reach from the village Dobridol .

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