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Route Dobrich - Debrene

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This sightseeing route in Dobrich region's main objective is to acquaint visitors with one of the most impressive cultural events in the region - folklore festival "Songs and dances from sunny Dobrudzha", which is held in the village Debrene (Dobrich District). The village is located just nineteen kilometers from one of the largest resorts - "Albena" and less than thirty kilometers from the sea capital Varna. 

The starting point of the trail Dobrich, where it goes by car or organized transportation. It is important that to happen early in the morning as Folklore Festival begins in the morning and always organized in the last weekend of June. Organizer of cultural event Dobrich Municipality. It consists of a famous gathering place haidouk glorious rock where hiding from the Ottoman authorities Peyo Buyukliyata Rebel chieftain and his band. 

The folk festival was first organized in 1968 on the initiative of the cultural community in Stozher village and surrounding settlements and has since been a regular event that attracts increasing interest from locals and guests of Golden Dobrudja. For almost half a century forum gathers people from different generations and from different parts of the field. All fun and give full respect for the traditions, creating resistance to preserve them. 

The fair is included in the National Cultural calendar of Bulgaria, which in itself is not attest to its importance. The festival has a competition program in her talent show singers, storytellers, folk art, musicians, dancers and representatives of various arts related Dobroudzha authentic folklore. 

Over the years, "Songs and Dances of sunny Dobudzha" has become the largest event related to the folklore of Dobrich region and all of Dobrudzha. Therefore, the festival attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country. If you want to stay in the beautiful, picturesque village, you need to book accommodation in advance. Otherwise, you can sleep in the district town and return for the second day of the event. Why not visit "Albena", "Golden Sands" or Varna?

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