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This brief tour too provocative name begins exposure "Archeology of Dobrogea," which is part of the architectural and ethnographic complex "Old Dobrich" located in the city center. Guests cultural institution can see the permanent exhibition that presents artifacts from the ancient past of the whole Dobrudja mainly from the Neolithic settlement the Big Island and the necropolises west of Durankulak that are associated with it.

The exhibition shows one of the oldest treasures of processed gold in the world, authentic burial of the largest prehistoric cemetery in the country, an impressive collection of Bulgar ceramics, medieval weapons, jewelry and household items. The permanent exhibition displays to visitors at "Old Dobrich" life in Dobrogea from ancient times right up to the early twentieth century.

You can also visit the restored Renaissance school where you will learn the way of the mutual learning method that is practiced here in the time before the Liberation. Were restored classroom staff room since. You can write on sand or plate, as did children in those times. Especially interesting is the ability to be rewarded, punished or even reprimanded by the methods of the Renaissance period. In advance team of "Old Dobrich" will organize a meeting on the traditional custom of some of the biggest Bulgarian holidays, wine tasting or lunch.

The second stop on the route is very Ethnographic complex located on the "Dr. Konstantin Stoilov" 18, which is located in the center of present-day Dobrich, replacing the former Odun bazaar. More than a quarter century, it preserves the traditions of the region and develop customary Dobrogea crafts as blacksmithing, weaving, embroidering, cooperage, goldsmith, homespun ...
On the restored urban bazaar more than thirty hereditary artisans create fine works using traditional techniques and tools. In the center of the bazaar is restavrirana old town clock tower of XVIII century, which is now open to visitors.

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