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Dobrich, 5, ul. Balgariya
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Theatre in the Region was created in 1928 In 1938 the theater was closed studios , but soon return of Southern Dobruja to Bulgaria in 1940, the theatrical activity in the city was restored , as is formed Municipal People's Theatre. Again, this is done under the guidance of Atanas Popov, who is the artistic and administrative director until his removal in Sofia in 1958

For a period of over 75 years of activity in the region makes the theater more than 350 performances . In his scene has undergone more than 300 actors , 50 directors and dozens of other theater figures .

First steps in creative theater making such famous Bulgarian actors and actresses as Sotir Maynolovski, Costa Karageorgiev, Katya Paskaleva , Georgette Chakurova , Clement Dentchev and others. The theater is placed as director Nikolai Lambrev , Stefan Dimitrov , Boyan Donovski , Nikolai Poliakov , Lubomir Raspberry etc.

Current state of the theater is well below its capacity . In accordance with the restrictive policy of cultural institutions , the theater with a very limited staff and building more facilities for guest performances. Tickets can be bought from the ticket office at the Theatre " Jordan Jovkov " which is located near the main entrance .

Ticket office is open every day from 9.00 to 18.00 .

Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

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