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Route Dobrinishte - Bezbog peak

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The starting point of the tourist route is the mountain resort Dobrinishte ( Municipality Bansko, District Blagoevgrad) . The city 's spa center and point of attraction for nature lovers as it is strategically located between the Rila , Pirin and Rhodope Mountains. Here you can see the remains of ancient Thracian and Roman settlements .

From Dobrinichte hut "Gotse Delchev" , the first " stop" on the route, you can reach by road by car ( 11 km ) or more well marked and maintained trail (two hours and a half ) . The slope is relatively serious , but it is attainable for every person in normal physical condition. The chalet is located at 1458 meters altitude in the area logs. Her chalet "Bezbog " is also a way to make " cheese " tourism. The two are connected by chair lift , distance traveled for about 30 minutes.

However, if you keep sweat and feel the real charm of the Pirin Mountain , you can choose a perfect transition marked hiking trail that will take you about 3 hours. Chalet "Bezbog " is located at the northern end of Lake Bezbojkoto of 2236 meters above sea level , so you need to prepare for a major displacement, but the experience and the views really worth it. No matter how you choose to get to the cabin before you will reveal a beautiful view of Mt Bezbog ( 2645 m ) and Bezbojkoto lake.

Granite Peak Bezbog is quite petit for standards of Pirin. The transition from hut to it is about an hour and a half , more clearly defined route undertaking the west of it. The trail climbs through dense pine- land, after about 20 minutes reaches the hill side to the north of the summit. Here the route continues south as an hour will take you to the Bezbog. It is one of the few peaks in Pirin you can climb in the winter and early spring without worrying about avalanches . It reveals incredible panoramas of the surroundings , and if you desire , you can continue along the ridge to Polejan peak ( 2851 m ) .

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