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Maratsiganitsa Hut

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Maratsiganitsa Hut is located in about a month and a complex of two buildings with a capacity to accommodate up to 154 people . The central building is a massive , three-storey building, which is responsible for two-thirds of the total capacity of the complex. Toilets and bathrooms are on each floor. In the immediate vicinity of the bedroom - one building , holding fifty , with floor bathrooms. All buildings have electricity and water , and winter is heated by electricity .

The guests are parking , kitchen, dining room and café . The hut can be reached from the village Dobrostan . The road to the village is paved , and from it to the cabin crushed stone . The town is six and a half hours walk along a marked trail through Momina sulza hut and hut Brezovo, which is three hours away . Can be reached from the village Yugovo , which is also three hours.

Cave Dobrostanski gem is only twenty minutes away from the cabin. The path to the cave is well marked and starts from the hut itself , so it will not wander in search of right now pat. Cave is with open access . Enter it happened in one of the windows of the small house built over the cave entrance . The old entrance to the " Dobrostanski pearl " is reserved , but closed with a metal grille.

Remains of lighting , stairs, walkways and concrete building materials remind all that years ago the cave offers excellent conditions of your visitors. Waterfall Slivodolsko is throwing a cool spray from 49 meters is located two and a half hours along a well marked trail . Huts Blue Peak and Pashaliytsa furthest - six and a half and seven hours.

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