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Truna peak

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Dolna banya

Sredana gora of old Slavic language means Middle mountain. The name perfectly matches the average highest mountain , stretched almost in the middle of Bulgaria , between the picturesque Balkan valleys to the north and the extensive Upper Thracian Plain in the south.

The highest peak of the Ihtiman Middle forest - Mount Truna is in September ridge. It is ideal to visit in the spring, it is not still hot.

The peak itself Truna is not marked with triangulation point , this honor is given to somewhat lower peak gorse .

The road is characterized by a steep ascent and descent , and was almost equal . The roads are pretty deserted , overgrown and often lost in low vegetation cover .

In places along the ridge ability to deceive a person is very large, the right way is so overgrown that it is not visible. Planning is well formed before. The only place in which ought to follow the track between junction 8 and 9 - there is fooled by the curve of the ridge and good-looking dirt road.

The descent is made ​​possible clearing of a system - most likely pipeline . At junction 10 there is a choice to be rushed along the road and continue the trail . If you choose the latter may meet a herd of deer, near the small waterfall .

Nature is very beautiful and has outstanding panoramic views of the Rila - from Belmeken to Maliovitsa . Despite its proximity , the Iskar Dam can be seen. The ridge is "normal" violets, ie entirely purple .

Features : For passing the route knowledge is required in orientation . The use of GPS is recommended.

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