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Chardzhik peak

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Chardzhik or Chairdzhik (in Turkish : meadow ) is a quadruple Dabrash hill top in the Western Rhodopes. It is located in the area Chardzhik , forestry Dikchan . North Peak is the highest - 1641.7 meters , and three southern are slightly lower. Once in the area is raging wildfire and it Chardzhik often referred to as " tip burn " or " Naked Peak ." South face of the southeast tip is cut and there are magnificent views of the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains and Bozdag in Greece. At the foot of the three southern tip has two gazebos with fountains .

Between southern and northern tip dirt road that connects the Municipality Satovcha with the city Sarnitsa, but since the road is in very bad condition, only used for transportation of timber. Roadside also a fountain , and the eastern part of the main , north peak is the plateau called " Chardzhikski meadows ", which is a lovely view from high to Dospat . Grassland has two villas.

The main peak is located north of the south -central and south-western tip. Southern face and part of the West were cut , allowing you to see the Pirin mountain range and vast areas of forest Dabrash . At its western foot of a fountain and gazebo . The ridge is leveled with a width of 20 meters and 100 meters in length , oriented north- south. Its northern slopes lead to " Asanov dere" and thus to the " Osinski huts " , surmounted by a top Fortress ( 1574.7 ) . At the top is located fortress, as its name suggests . In the western ridge of the main peak is bear hollow .

The area is overgrown with pine and spruce forests, and the grass is lush and high. In places Osieczna grass reaches one meter. Osieczna places are difficult to overcome because of the many branches and overgrown grass. Difficulty and are recently planted pine seedlings . At the foot of the southern peaks is Reserve Konski dol.

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