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Unden peak Rhodopes

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Unden - 1668.3 m is a peak in Dabrash hill in the Western Rhodopes. He enters the Forestry " Dikchan " to Satovcha Municipality and is the highest point in the municipality. It is located in Dikchan the east side of the river Bistrica . The old name of the peak is Dikchan , but in 1936 the peak was renamed Unden . Professor Tomas Unden is a Swedish politician and academician - an expert in international law. After the war a territorial dispute between Bulgaria and Greece, which was solved by Professor Unden in favor of Bulgaria and the territories covered in Forestry " Dikchan ." Then changed the name at the top of the ridge and is a monument of the professor. The peak itself is overgrown with oak , pine and spruce ancient forest . Near it is the reserve Dark Forest . In the state game Dikchan has two cabins with 12 beds. Built a new house .

Route: From Sofia to Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Bansko, Gotse Delchev and Dospat . The crossroad of village Pletenaima and exit to the old way of Velingrad, passing by the river Bistrica . Nine kilometers up the road there is an intersection of Hunting House " Dikchan ." From the exit tourist route starts Dikchan - Sarnitsa white - blue- white markings . Access to the car is limited by the ramp below. It is desirable before entering the territory of the Hunting , in which the peak Unden to inform a staff of forestry, as often done hunting activities in the area. Quarters of the SG " Dikchan " is located in the village of Satovcha a telephone number 07541 / 2170 . The trail continues to the hunting lodge . Along the way there are signs in the area and peak Dikchan Unden . After passing through the courtyard of the hunting lodge Dikchan plate was replaced with plate Sarnitsa . 10 minutes walk from the hunting lodge gets to the flat ridge. The first peak on the left side of the road are the remains of an ancient Thracian sanctuary . A little further there is an intersection and plate Unden . To the foot of the peak has passed a dirt road just below the very top there is a place for relaxation and a plaque . The tip is rocky and overgrown with trees , shrubs and grasses. For ascent is not necessary climbing equipment .

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