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Dragoman Marsh

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Dragoman Marsh is the largest karst swamp in Bulgaria. It is located 40 km northwest from Sofia and about 3 km from the town of Dragoman.

In 1930 began draining of wetlands in Bulgaria and transforming them into arable land. Dragoman marsh was drained by 11 drainage channels and pumping station and for long life in it fading. After stopping the process of drainage in the early 90s of the twentieth century, began restoring the ecological status of the Dragoman marsh. Today life is reborn again and gradually returns to its normal rhythm. Pool is located in an area of 350 hectares, which is approximately the area of about 480 football fields. It is inhabited by 226 bird species, 126 of which nest here. It is vital for the breeding of two endangered species - Ferruginous Duck and the corncrake. In the swamp passes migratory route "Via Aristotelis", it is of utmost importance for migratory waterbirds.

In the swamp is specially made wooden paths that visitors can walk around and observe life in the area. It has built a watchtower from which a magnificent panorama of the whole area. Among the reeds have shelters where the animals in the swamp can be photographed.

Before the swamp is the visitors center "Dragoman marsh." The center has room for presentations on an area of 100 square meters, it is located in Bulgaria and only exposure to the wetlands. Visitors to the center "Dragoman marsh" may be familiar with the history of the area through interactive electronic module. This is the first and only specialize center near Sofia, for meetings, classes, lectures and seminars for students and environmentalists. For students has developed a special education program in an interesting and curious way presents wetlands in Bulgaria. Lecture and film screening at the center and visit the wooden bridges and other parts of the Dragoman marsh (with a guide, binoculars, sight tube determinants for animals and plants) cost 5 lev per person. You can rent a bike for 2 lev per hour.

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