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Historic Landmark
Dryanovo monastery

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Dryanovo Monastery of St. Archangel Michael is an active monastery, situated in northern Bulgaria, 5 km south-west of Dryanovo and 15 km from Gabrovo. Beside him is an asphalt road and a stop on the railway line Rousse - Momchilgrad. Over the centuries, Dryanovo Monastery is a center of Bulgarian Education and Culture. The monastery plays a major role in the preparation of the April uprising in First Turnovo district, here are piled stocks of food and weapons. On April 29, 1876 in Dryanovo Monastery enter the detachment of Pop Hariton - the first rebellious teen in the Turnovo district and Bulgaria. Surrounded by the Turks keep nine-day battle and many died for the freedom of Bulgaria. Destroyed and burnt monastery was partially reconstructed on April 3, 1877 its main temple is solemnly consecrated. And can still see traces of bullet holes, deliberately preserved to remind the glorious past. The monastery is housed repeatedly Vasil Levski and other revolutionaries. In the courtyard of Dryanovo Monastery is located and the St. Archangel Michael church, which is a stone, a small but cozy, high, dug into the ground and not buy a stone roofs. A museum set in the hotel part of the monastery, keep to this day memories of the rebels - letters, weapons and other supplies, as well as memories for the development of Dryanovo and area of the monastery and its contribution to the liberation of the Dryanovo Bulgaria. A narrow door will reach a wooden bridge over the river that leads to clearing the way for cave Bacho Kiro. There man can stand hours and stare in bubbling clear fast-flowing water, dotted with numerous coins placed for good luck. The river there are literally washed the walls of the monastery. A meadow among greenery and tall trees is built an adventurous island - a nice place for entertainment of small children and grown with the trees stretched rope bridges.

Near the monastery is a tourist hut Bacho Kiro. One path leads to the hut Dryanovska cave, which is also named Bacho Kiro. It is wired so visitors can admire the cave forms. Beautiful places are the Blue Pool and the canyon of the Dryanovo river. Dryanovo monastery to be reached by car via the main road from Gabrovo to Veliko Tarnovo. 2 km. after Dryanovo is a brief exit to the monastery. It offers accommodation in rooms of 2 to 10 beds, prices from 6 to 15 lv

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