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Historic Landmark
St. Spas church

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In the northern outskirts of the village of Cherven breg, in the " Karo " aea is the church " St. Spas" . The temple is a late medieval Bulgarian church, known as the " Holy Ascension ." The church is located on the right bank of the river Dzhubrena and today is no effect . Not an architectural - artistic monument , although some local people and professionals is worthy of such recognition . Thus, for example , after an inspection of February 20, 2012 , carried out by experts from the Ministry of Culture , BAS and District Museum in Kyustendil, their opinion is that the church "St. Spas " is a unique early-medieval church, having no similarity in southwestern Bulgaria .

The church is named after the Christian holiday of Ascension . In Bulgaria, the holiday is also known as the " Ascension " - a word derived from " salvation " of Christ. St.Spas no saint , therefore the temples designated by that name , are actually dedicated to the Holy Ascension . The holiday is celebrated always on Thursday , along with the other great festivals of the 40th day from the first day of Passover.

Late medieval temple is a single nave and apse church with two semicircular pevnitsi the north and the south wall , with a semi-cylindrical vault , half buried under the ground. The basics are of large stone blocks , and the remaining construction - from stones cemented with plaster . The dome is constructed of stone , covered with stone slabs ( tikli ) . In recent years , apparently to prevent moisture and leaks in the temple on the stone slabs are stacked new tiles. In the apse is cut a little close window. Over the low wooden gate is patron niche. Right of the entrance is a small granite base column.

The walls are thick, without props or other system strengthening. The floor is rammed Zemlen local red soil . On the east wall has a hemispherical proskomidiyna niche to it on the north wall - a small rectangular niche. Places over south pevnitsa traces of new stucco . In front of the apse is a large square stone base of a revised Roman column design for naprestolen stone, which is located about flimsy wooden altar (late production ) , crowned with wooden cross.

On the south wall to the right of pevnitsata are printed in full size Saints Constantine and Helena , to the left of it are images of an unknown saint of St. Nicholas. On the east wall to the right is inscribed saint in tower - probably St. Simeon Stalpik . The surviving fragments and images ( in the apse and the west wall ) are badly damaged and can not be identified.

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