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Durankulak North Beach

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Durankulak (Shabla, Dobrich District) is located in the northeast corner of Bulgaria, only about five kilometers from the border with Romania. Though small, it is known for famous throughout Europe for its rich flora and fauna (especially with regard to the bird kingdom) Durankulashko lake located in close proximity. Its name derives from the Turkish word combination meaning "water loop".

The lake is the most northern in Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is a route used by migratory birds on their way to warmer countries and vice versa. For this reason, in late autumn and early spring Durankulak becomes a real ark, gathered almost all bird species that are found on the continent.

Undoubtedly, the lake is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Dourankoulak as a tourist destination, but you should not forget about its beautiful, clean and secluded beaches. Although it is off the main seaside destinations Dourankoulak have two beach. North of them is more than three kilometers and reaches all the way to the Romanian border at Cape Sivriburun. Locals call this beach or ship "Anna Maria" for vessel ran aground here in 1969 after he spun off the anchor in a storm in the Romanian port of Mangalia. His remains still visible a few dozen meters from the shore.

The north beach is a relatively popular destination for water sports on the Black Sea, as it is away from the noisy resorts and at the same time the sea becomes deep very quickly, just meters from the shore. Therefore, the name of the bay to the station by the north beach to the Romanian border is Dalboki Koi (bay in the local dialect).

Because of the excellent conditions for hunting and fishing, which offers the vicinity of Durankulak has been inhabited since ancient times. In archaeological studies have found several settlements from prehistoric era and the Big Island are the remains of the only known in Europe until the sanctuary of the goddess Cybele. There are also several cozy restaurants offering fish soup - the specialty of the local fishermen.

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