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Eagle Marsh

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Eagle Marsh is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, about two kilometers away from the village Dourankoulak and about two miles north of Duranculak lake right next to the nose and Kartalburun . Its size can reach an area of ​​over 550 acres . Locals often call it by the name " Kartalietsa ." Its name derives from the Turkish word "card " , which translated means eagle. Bears the same name and the nearby Cape Kartalburun , or in other words, aquiline nose . The names of the marsh and the nose apparently have a common origin and are due to the fact that this area was inhabited by many cormorants, which from afar look like eagles. While far fewer are actually subsist here with rich flora and fauna eagles. Shores of Eagle Marsh heavily overgrown with reed and bulrush . It is relatively shallow and is characterized by the muddy bottom full of leeches . Artificial channel connecting the marsh with Duranculak lake that runs through swampy muddy hair behind the beach of Dourankoulak . Here are built and ponds. This part of the northern Black Sea coast is very picturesque , devoid of noise intensive construction of most places on the sea beach , which adds charm to this almost untouched nature. Nearby are several other beautiful nose that are worth visiting if you are fond of seascapes - Cape Krapetz ( 7 km . ) Ursusburun and Sivriburun (3 km . ) . They are artificial hills that may be seen with the naked eye . In the past they were used by the Ottoman Empire as a navigation light signs - they were lit . Nearby is a camping and Space, who has a small fishing port.

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