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Camping "Cosmos" was built in the northernmost part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, just ten kilometers from the Romanian border. Most appropriate starting point for it is Durankulak as far leads the four-kilometer asphalt road. Campsite was built back in the sixties of the twentieth century. During communist times, he is visited exclusively by Czechoslovak tourists. Currently "Cosmos" is privately owned and receives both Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The complex is located near Cape Kartalburun at the foot of which is a small fishing port. Nose separates two beaches - Dourankoulak north, which has a length of about two and a half kilometers and reaches the Romanian border at Cape Sivriburun and the almost seven kilometers Dourankoulak - Krapetz ending at Cape Krapetz. Nearby is the protected area "Durankulak" representing coastal estuary in an amazing variety of flora and fauna (especially in ornithological terms).

The campsite is situated on the south beach, right at the place where the shore out asphalt road from Durankulak. Sometimes creates inconvenience for tourists haunting smell of decaying algae, which sea disposed in the area. However, "Cosmos" has irreplaceable advantages for lovers of a peaceful and just stay close to nature. Away from the crowded beaches and noisy resorts campsite is the perfect place for solitude, swimming in the sea, diving, fishing (both sea and lake).

The capacity of the "Cosmos" is quite serious - sixty bungalows with about 250 beds. Not all bungalows offer equally good conditions, so you should familiarize yourself with their condition before they come. Each has three beds, bathroom, toilet and a small porch. The price is 35 levs per night for whole bungalow. There shall also bar and restaurant. Welcome visitors from May until September.

Guests can enjoy a playground, football and volleyball courts, and parking. In the camping there is a special place for caravans and tents. Can be used specially constructed bathroom, electricity and outdoor sinks. Price - seven levs per person.

  • Restaurant
  • Kids Corner
  • Sport
  • Free Parking
  • Camping
  • Seaside

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