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Route Duzhdovnitsa - Kostino

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The starting point of this tourist route is a small village Duzhdovnitsa (Kardzhali municipality). It is located on the shore of one of the largest dams in Bulgaria - "Kardjali" and is famous for its Renaissance architecture and the remarkable nature, being situated in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopes. Duzhdovnitsa is known for its numerous niches carved by the Thracians in its surroundings. They definitely have a connection with the cults of ancient ancestors, but their own particular purposes and is not known with certainty.

The village is situated on a picturesque peninsula jutting into the lake "Kardjali". Duzhdovnitsa of the route follows the river bed of Studena Voda. Initially goes through the village to the lake, but only after about two kilometers route deviates in ancient paved with stone path leading to the numerous religious facilities on the coast. The nature around is not particularly severe, but at the expense of the surrounding landscape respected for their beauty.

At the place where the road crosses the river, a trail left. Continue on it, as the track gradually gaining height to reach the small ridge, around which was built a nice fountain, suitable for a short break. It has a fork and also takes the left path leading to the Thracian rock sanctuaries, which has already been subject. Тhe highest point is a splendid view of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Hence there are several options to return to the pass, where he is one of the neighborhoods of the village Kostino. It has a relatively good infrastructure. Here you can enjoy the natural surroundings or sit in a cafe and local pub to relax, especially if you take the transition during the hot months.

Returning from Kostino to Duzhdovnitsa can happen both on the same route and another ancient road that descends gradually to the village Bozhek, next to which there is another ancient temple. Continue still paved with stones on a path that follows the bed of springing a little above the village creek Gudzhakdere. Gradually it becomes a real river, push your way through the rocky valley, in some places there are beautiful small waterfalls.

At the place where Gudzhakdere flows into large bar is the famous rock phenomenon mosques. From ancient time continues to go down, reaching the bridge where Duzhdovnitsa to continue by road. The distance is about three kilometers (40 minutes).

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