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Route Duzhdovnitsa - Vulvata Cave

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The route is fairly long and it's nice to take in cooler days and people in good physical condition. Initially goes to the bridge below the village, after which the route deviates from the road and continue along the ancient path following the river valley Gudzhakdere. It goes past the phenomenon Djama, where you can enjoy restful end nearest fountain.

Hence the route deviates to the left, in the highest part of the village Bozhek and gradually climbs to the crest of the hill on a network of roads and paths. Orient them is relatively difficult, but it is enough to follow the upward and closer to the small hamlets located on the left bank of the Golyama Bara. Trail leads to one of them Ilinentsi that only a few inhabited houses.
From magnificent panoramic views nestled in the foothills, where is the source area of ​​the Goyama Bara, small villages.

The elevation in whose neighborhood was located Ilinentsi also bears traces of Thracian cult center, and the whole area around. In the Valley Borovitza carved in the rock niches are hundreds, with particularly large number near the villages Jenda, Sokolite, Kadunka and Bezvodno. In the valley of the river next Goyama Bara (where the route passes) even has one of the most popular and remarkable Thracian sanctuaries - this cave Vulva, which is the end point of the route.

The cave is also known as Utrobata(the womb) and is located near the village Nenkovo ​​(Kardzhali municipality). A natural horizontal slit in the rock (which owes its name). The entrance and the cave walls are further shaped to enhance the resemblance to the Vulva. Scientists believe that this is the work of the Thracians, who about a millennium BC turned the cave cult center, where rituals were performed in honor of fertility.

On the ceiling of the Vulva has carved a special slot in which at noon each day enter sunbeam. It is believed that in this way our ancient ancestors were intended to cause inseminative forces of nature and to ensure a bountiful harvest. Returning from the Vulva to the village Duzhdovnitsa going the same route.

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