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Yovkovtsi Dam

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Yovkovtsi dam is one of the largest dams in the area in Bulgaria. It is located on the small but lush river Veselina in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains near Elena, Elena Municipality. Serve water and drinking water in Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Lyaskovets , Gabrovo and others. Its total water volume reaches up to 92 million cubic meters. The dam is named after one of the villages destroyed during its construction , which is currently at the bottom of the dam. Was put into operation in 1979. Ponds with adjacent territory has a very good tourist infrastructure . Here they attract anglers who can catch in the waters carp , perch , bream , rudd , perch , pike and more.

The dam can be reached from the town of Elena. The distance is no more than ten kilometers . Walking along the main road that runs through the city and went towards the village Yakovtsi . You will reach a junction where there is a fountain . You can take in two directions , both will take you to the lake , but in different parts . If you take in the right direction Valchevtsi will reach the eponymous peninsula of the lake . You will find many places for fishing, camping and recreation. If you take a left at the village Brachkovtsi will reach the bridge over the lake Yovkovtsi - from here you can also find suitable places for camping and fishing. In addition to fish , the dam is suitable for recreation. You can stay in a tent or just spend the day picnicking and games near its waters . Beautiful scenery and fresh air away from urban act rechargeable and relaxed. Surrounding countryside is rich in mushrooms, herbs , wild strawberries and blackberries, which can pick and take home. Except for vacations , the dam is suitable for water motor sports. There is also horse riding, which will definitely diversify your holiday . And for the avid mountain tourists here originated numerous hiking trails , some of which have gone under the highest peak in the Elena- Tvardishka Stara Planina - Chumerna (1,536 meters above sea level ) .

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