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Ecopath Majestic mountain

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Ecopath " Majestic mountain " is one of three routes established by the Municipality of Nessebar to present to tourists incredible combination of cultural , natural and historical heritage , which characterize the area. Full project title is " Majestic mountain , azure coast and rich history ," and consists of three separate parts , aimed at fans of a certain type of tourism.

Routes are carefully selected so that each represent a certain aspect of a wealth of Nessebar municipality , but also the sum between them seems complete in its entirety . Establishment of ecotourism network in the foothills of the Eastern Balkan Mountains and the Black Sea coast aims to promote local identity , the formation of environmental awareness among visitors and conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Ecopath " Majestic Balkan" is 8 km long and the length of the transition is about 4-5 hours. It starts from the holiday village " Elenite " passes through Coban fountain, horseshoe, mouflon , climbs of Mount St. Elias and across landscapes Sirri puddle , Hunters Inn reaches Kushu Cesme , where the old oak tree of the genus Quercus .

Holiday Village " Resort " is a modern architectural ensemble of comfortable villas offering stunning sea views . Decide to spend their vacation here can count on peace and quiet, advanced base for water sports and entertainment.

From ecotrail poem northwest , passing through places Tchoban fountain Horseshoe and mouflon climbing St. Elijah ( 390 m altitude ) . From the top there is a wonderful view of the protected area Ortoto the north, northwest to the site and to Kasada impressive Nessebar Bay in the south . Here grows huge oak aged more than 150 years.

Protected area " Ortoto " is characterized by tall forest where logging is not permitted more than a century. Eco trail continues across landscapes Sirri pond , Hunting inn and reaches Kurecheshme where the route ends in the huge crown of venerable oak .

Hence also find stunning views in all directions. Return it by the same route . Ecopath " Majestic mountain " largely debunks the myth that the sea and the mountains are incompatible , though , we must admit , Mount St. Elias and its surroundings are definitely not any peak, nor Vihren . However, any unbiased person would still be very pleasantly surprised by the pleasant nature walks and beautiful views that it offers eco. The one-day trip on it can diversify the routine of beach vacations .

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