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Strajata Hut

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Strajata Hut is located in the Kokalskoto area, which is northeast of Mount Strajata ( 1528 m ) , in the whisper of the trees of the old beech forest . Etropole is nineteen kilometers and is available for cars. The last part of the route - six kilometers - is paved with crushed stone, which can create problems.

The building has two floors and can accommodate up to twenty nine people, rooms with three , five and six beds. The bathroom and toilet are common and internal and winter heating is steam. There are kitchen, dining room , tea room , and ski storage . Near the territory of the hut are ski run and lift , making the cabin comfortable place for ski school as it provides teacher and mountain guide for those who wish .

In the neighborhood are the huts of Kashin and Svishtiplaz , at two hours and a half and three and a half hours . Svishtiplaz peak is even closer than the cabin - two hours trek . Mount Strajata , who had been baptized and the hut itself , is only half an hour away. All trails are marked and pass through beautiful deciduous forests.

Next to the hut can be reached by car from Etropole and walk down the aisle , past Etropol monastery. From the village Iamna transition takes two and a half hours walking the marked trail.

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