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Ezerovo Dam

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Ezerovo dam was built on the river Kayaliyka in the foothills of northern chatting the Rhodope Mountains. Located just above the village ezerovo , the municipality Parvomai , Plovdiv region. Water is used for irrigation. Because of its great variety of species , it is an attractive point for practicing sport fishing . Here you can catch carp , bighead carp , bream , perch , chub ( maple ) , catfish, rudd , black carp , carp and pike. Keep in mind, however, that fishing here is paid .

An interesting fact is that the area of ​​the dam and its adjacent areas in prehistoric times were bottom of a large body of water , probably lake. For this reason, in the area of ​​white stones , also known as Semer dere can be found tiny fossils of various aquatic species . In the eastern part of the lake Dushantsi can visit a small cave .

Another beautiful place to walk is beautiful foothills Dragoyna that stands out and stands out somehow mostly flat areas of the municipality Parvomai. Easily seen from the main road E80 . There are two big top, from which the view is indescribable - Mount Big Dragoyna , located 814 meters above sea level, and Mount Small Dragoyna - 715 meters above sea level. The hills are covered with beech, oak , elm, hazel , ash, dogwood , linden, hornbeam and maple . And the beautiful meadows grow various herbs and rosehips , blackberries, strawberries. People from local villages often pick them for tea or sweet. The fauna is also diverse. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of deer , wild dogs , jackals, wolves, foxes , wild boars , hares, partridges , quails in the lowlands . High in the sky you may can see eagles , falcons and hawks .

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