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Fotina Waterfalls

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Fotinska Falls is a beautiful waterfall near the village Fotinovo, which is located near the town of Cave and Batak. A small but deep river passes through the rocks and forms three falls, the largest of which is about 16 m

Falls is very difficult to access but very beautiful. It can be reached in about 1 hour normal walking, as the village Fotinovo (at the bottom of the mosque) leaves path that follows the river. At first the river is on the right after about 20 minutes walking bridge and crossed the river remains left. On the road can stay a gazebo built on a little knoll. Once the river has remained on the left, continue along the road that climbs and remains in the river valley.

Tourists should be alert to small playground on the left of the road where the rocks are visible - there at the foot of the cliffs is the waterfall. As a guide can be used the sound of falling water. From this small deviation path descends to the valley (there are white markings on some green trees), which runs the river and continues up the other slope. After his elevation there is overlooking a waterfall. To the right of the waterfall stretches vast oak forest "Kuzaltiyata."

One of the most attractive routes in the vicinity of Batak is one in Nova Mahala - the village of Fotinovo and reaches the "Fotinska waterfalls."

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