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Sokolna hut

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Sokolna hut is located in the Slivka , which is across the southeastern slopes of Triglav massif . The complex is a large two-storey building , which can accommodate up to forty people. Bathrooms and bathroom are outside , and the hut is water and electricity from the unit, as heat comes from local heating. Tourists are dining room with fireplace , bathroom with shower, kitchen and horses that can carry luggage. To use pack animals must be done by appointment .

Before leaving the building , which is currently the hut was built shelter " Sokolna " in 1972 and in 1984 completed hut " Sokolna ." Everything was built with donations from volunteers. The hut has only trail and all building materials were transported by horses. The hut was burned by arson on June 21, 2005 , when he was completely renovated .

Until it can be reached from Village Gabarevo two and a half hours along the marked trail . Relatively secluded , the building is far from other lodges in the region. Closest hut Mermaid six hours huts Taja and dairies are eight hours away. Can be reached and Mazalat ten hours and to shelter large Kademlia six and a half hours .

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