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Ispolin peak

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Ispolin , called in the past Korudzha is located in the western part of the Shipka - Tryavna mountain in the Balkan Mountains. The tip is flat and steep slopes . 1,524 m high , it is composed of metamorphic schists and Triassic limestone .

In the heart of Central Balkan , at the foot of the giant is notorious area USANA . The area has the status of a resort and attracts tourists throughout the year. Here lies the geographic center of Bulgaria , which is measured in 1991, the same year is a sign that marks the middle of the territory of our country and is a stylized form of a pyramid , painted in the colors of the national flag. The area is a favorite spot for outdoor recreation . It represents the largest crest meadow in the Balkan Mountains and is surrounded by beech forest. Since 2008 the site was included in the national tourist movement " 100 Tourist Sites " under № 19 with the ethnographic "Etara", national Museum of Education and Museum "House of Humour and Satire " in the town of Gabrovo. Proximity to the city makes it possible to visit and other cultural and historical sites than those - Sokolski Monastery, Architectural Reserve "Bojenci ." Usana area is a popular destination for practicing winter sports . The tourists have eight tracks , the largest has a length of 1300 meters All runways are equipped with lifts .

Conquer Mount Ispolin leader in the Shipka Mountain worthwhile not only for the sake of challenge , but also because of the amazing look that sheds on the area. If you go from hut Usana , ascent will take about an hour and a half.

Nearby operate several huts : Buzludja new Buzludja old Mazalat and Sokolna .

If you are a connoisseur of Bulgarian nature, you will be pleased to be able to visit other attractions in the area. They deserve your attention and jump waterfalls Hellenic Tarnichensko waterfall and the water reservoirs - Gerdeme , Big Drianovo , Koprinka, Kransko Corey, Radeva fountain , Northern wells, Sinkevitsa , Hadjidimitrovo and Smirnenski .

In the area there are a number of religious sites : chapels , churches , monasteries, temples and mosques. We will mention only a few: cathedral " St. John the Baptist "and" St. Trinity " in Kazanlak, " St. Petka Bulgarian " in Enina, church at Nunnery " Virgin " in Kazanlak, Shipka Monastery, Russian church " Nativity ", mosques in Dunavtsi, Skobelevo and Iasenovo .

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