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Route Uzana - Great Kademlia peak

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This route is rarely used , although no high degree of difficulty , and its duration is only about 4-5 hours with a normal move. Early follow the asphalt road from the chalet "Usana" of Gabrovo, after only 7-800 meters left deviate marked trail that enters the woods. In this section the route climbs gradually , then reaches a flat road and then an ascent to emerge from the forest to reach the abandoned road, against which there is a building .

Go to the left along the road , until a hut "Yantra" (formerly " Partisan Song" ) where you can have a short rest . From route back into the forest , following the marking hut " Mazalat ." This is the place on the track , which should be paid more attention , because forest, through which goes , there are a clearing and the danger of confusion is very real .

After clearing begins slightly, but long climb to get out of the new deforested by loggers place. It offers panoramic views of the peaks of Shipka ( 1326 m altitude ) and Buzludza ( 1441 m ) . Recruitment and height continues with smooth left and right turns that appear to place trays representing a steep meadow with a fountain .

The trail passes obliquely through the meadow and shortcuts low peak to come out equal area. This is where tourists stand on with all your might Triglav massif . Here the route is easily recognizable , the more that mark the route Kom - Emine (red ) is quite frequent . It moves along the ridge meadow , crosses a small saddle and started a new smooth ascent through the forest . Following are a few minor climbs and descents while invading the territory of National park "Central Balkan".

Forest ends and before our eyes again reveals the Triglav massif to which see rocks wolf head behind the hut " Mazalat ." Hence you should take the broad road leading to the cliff as soon leads to the hut.

From " Mazalat " routes head west , following the marking hut " Taja " . The trail is beautiful and offers panoramic views. The track surrounds Korubashitsa peak ( 1659 m ) and passes Singing Rocks to climb the peak Rosovatets (1972 m). Continue by marking " Taja " by passing through the saddle Chim hut. Hence began the gradual ascent of Triglav hour , respectively, of the highest peak of the massif Great Kademlia peak ( 2275 m ) .

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