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Route Uzana Hut - Ispolin Peak

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The starting point of this popular and easy tourist route is hut "Usana" , located in the eponymous area known as the geographical center of Bulgaria . The area has the status of a resort and gradually gaining popularity as a tourist and ski center.

Usana can be reached by a 22 -kilometer asphalt road from the town of Gabrovo. Starting from the hut , Jogging Ispolin ( 1524 m altitude ) is released after about 100 meters from the road and continues to the southeast , climbing through beautiful beech forest. Initially the slope is quite serious , but the route is relatively short and travels fast.

The trail leads to the Karamandra area at the foot of the peak , which dominates the entire Usana and serves as a guide during the transition . Until there is an option to reach a forest road that the hut take the road to the Shipka Pass , but in the saddle at the foot of Mount Markov stol (1352 m ) diverges to the right and climbs to Karamandra . This embodiment is substantially sloping , but also much longer .

From Karamandra route to Ispolin persists after its western slope and out into the saddle between it and the neighboring peak Bakadjik . From climbing to demon becomes very pleasant and chock-full of panoramic views path with a small slope. From the very top the view is unforgettable. You can see some of the most beautiful places in the Central Balkan Mountains. At the foot of the picturesque Usana and around the mighty slopes of Triglav Massif ( in the west , with the highest point Mount Great Kademlia 2275 m ) and far lower peaks Shipka ( 1326 m ) and Buzludza ( 1441 m ) . South , deep into a mountain , sheltered sub-Balkan valley behind which rise the soft slopes of the Central Forest.

If you wish you can climb and peak Bakadjik whose name translated from Turkish means "place with a beautiful view ." The name is fully justified , especially given that unless panoramas that are revealed by the demon , from here we can enjoy the river valley Leshnitsa , and located near Kazanlak "Koprinka dam ."

The route has an average level of difficulty, but is suitable for tourists of all ages and not particularly good physical condition , as its duration is only about 1 hour and toughest climbing area is relatively short . The views from the demon but worth every effort ...

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