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Route Uzana hut - Liulyatsite area

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The starting point of this tourist route hut "Usana" ( 1240 m altitude ) . Located in eponimous area, which is a huge alpine meadow used for grazing in the past , the lodge is very comfortable and offers all the necessary amenities for lovers of tourism.

" Usana " is located at the foot of the highest peak of Shipka part of Central Stara Planina - Ispolin ( 1524 m ) . It is a starting or end point for many routes as there are central position . The most appropriate starting point to reach the area and hut is Gabrovo connected with them by 22- kilometer asphalt road.

The route leads to the west , crossing the area Usana . Follow Route E-3 ( Kom - Emine ), which was originally on the road and leads to the hut. Shortly before the asphalt road to get to the Mountain Rescue Service , the transition is separated on left , take the trail to " Mazalat ."

The trail is marked with red markings and ascends obliquely to the panoramic ridge of Black Peak (1360 m) , from where spectacular views of the mighty figure of the Triglav massif ( 2275 m peak in Great Kademlia ) and the peaks Shipka ( 1326 m ) and Buzludza ( 1441 m ) . All along the route offers plenty of beautiful views to Shipchenski Stara Planina and surrounding areas of the Central Balkan sub-Balkan valley and the northern slopes of the Central Forest.

The transition continues with sloping at "Hlebna" hotel hence marking hut " Partisan Song." Then the route runs along the asphalt road , bringing to Osenikova lawn area . The route is removed from the road and take the forest path . After a steep descent to reach the final point of the route - the site Liulyatsite (lilacs) .

The difficulty of the transition is not very high, which makes it suitable for all tourists in good physical condition . The route takes about five hours with a normal move. The mark is blue route is clearly recognizable , offering the opportunity to meet with some of the most beautiful and rarely visited parts of Central Balkan Mountains.

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