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Ski slope Gela village

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Close to the sunniest ski resort in Bulgaria , where every winter there are about 100 days of sunshine - Pamporovo is the picturesque village of Gela. Distance between them is 12 km away. While popular ski resort has lifts and runs over a length of 40 km , Gela was for connoisseurs of smooth skiing. The track is suitable for both beginners and advanced . Located at the top of the village, and its length is 800 meters and is equipped with a tow rope running constantly during the winter season. You can rent skis or snowboard and relax in nearby teahouse and enjoy the view , revealing the majestic Karluk .

When you enjoy the track to the end of Gela , you quite quickly and seamlessly switch to the challenges of Pamporovo. 8 km from the village is Muslim Village Stoikite. There you will most modern six-seat lift in the Balkans, which takes you to the Tower Snow White for only 9 minutes . From there, the village has two eight kilometers of trails of varying difficulty . So Stoikite appears to be related to the famous ski resort.

Unique nature of the Gela area and determine the willingness of local people to build the resort. There are plans to connect the village to the mega project "Super Perelik" with lifts and slopes at an altitude of over 2,000 meters.

Located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains in Perilikliyski share the mountain village of Gela wear several legends. According to the first , this is the birthplace of Orpheus. The second hand is a legend associated with the end of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. She said that after his exile in the monastery , Patriarch Euthymius was buried in a secret place in the local monastery . The claim that this is the Patriarch Euthymius , stems from the fact that the last Bulgarian patriarch is buried at the site of his exile .

Gela attracts visitors all year round. This annual event is held - Bagpipe Festival in the summer.

The area round the village and there are many lodges , hotels and tourist facilities . Very close works hut "Lednitsata" .

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