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Tizoin Cave

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From the village Godech ( Godech Municipality , Sofia District ) for the loser goes upriver Nishava . After mile asphalt road turns wicked in Zli Dol to the left. After 8 kilometers reaches crossroads Razkraste . This is the highest point , which coincides with the main road to lose. After her way down to the village, which is just over 3 km . By Razkraste continue right on dirt road . The first goal is well visible metal tower with a small kiosk to it ( 20 minutes). After that road splits . Tizion to continue the left fork , which continues to climb tall with a moderate slope . ( Right deviation goes tight end overgrown dol - then we do not need . Then another 20 minutes to reach a small ridge and a magnificent view of the great Billy dollars. Tizoin is soon pass right at the bottom of the gorge. Sometimes before cave is a small pond.

The entrance is narrow but more dangerous tesnyak a few yards behind him. There's a real danger of filling the gallery with water. So you need to enter only in very safe forecast dry weather.

For some time the cave is very narrow and then gradually expand. Walk along the river, jumping into pools very nice , 1-1.5 m deep at all ropes are attached to a lot of help in leaving, but it is wise to carry a few ropes of 3-4 meters in case. After the cave lakes abruptly changed character. Long walks through the area with beautiful red formations. Several times we have to crawl , but memorable tesnyak not. But one that can be skipped . Most of the time the water is above the boots . Penetration in both directions takes about 6 hours. Can be done in less , but should be taken into account that the path to long.

The total length of the cave Tizoin is 3,599 meters and the displacement is 320 meters.

The name of the cave comes from the word Tesguino. This cereal is low alcohol drink produced and used by tribes in the territory of present Mexico. Name and is associated with saguaro cactus (Saguaro) - it's called the other a large cave in the area studied chronologically before Tizion . Because the cave was not known before being opened in 1980 by cavers , the local population perceives that name.

This cave is recommended for the thrill to compete if they are in good physical shape .

Is strongly cave for people with little experience and no driver is required for realistic assessment of their own forces to be able at any time to take the right decision where to go .

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