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Bojura Forest park

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Gorna Oryahovitsa

Bojura park is located 7 km west of the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa behind fortress Rahovets . The area of ​​Forest Park stretches for 512 acres. Altitude of 375-400 meters that which is characterized by lower altitudes . Mostly natural deciduous trees are oaks - summer, winter and Tser, as well as hornbeam, linden, aspen , wild forest fruit trees - pear , apple, cherry. Representatives of the bushes are hawthorn, blackthorn and others. In a culture imported pine red pine, white pine, deciduous - red oak, srebrolista linden , birch, walnut , maple, hazel. Conifers occupy 70% of the territory of the park. 5.85 km lane network , leading to gazebos , awnings and tables with benches. The territory of Forest Park is located hut " Peony ", where you can stay and enjoy a pleasant holiday and nature walks . The chalet is located on the road to "Stone" . There is paved road leading to it , and marked hiking trail from Gorna Oriahovitsa. And if you missed the right time , your eyes will enjoy beautiful peonies that bloom there and gave its name to the area and the cabin. From there there are a few tourist routes in which you can continue your walk . One of them leads to the monastery "Holy Trinity " and the other will take you to the famous Arbanasi . In the park around the city has exceptional biodiversity , natural caves and built several trails . In this region is located the monastery - "St. Elijah the prophet" , a few huts and rest houses . If you have decided to escape the city buzz , visit Forest Park Bojura you away from the daily grind and will charge you with positive emotions, in the nature on fresh air.

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