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Park Lavrov

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Gorni Dubnik

Park " Lavrov " is located 2 km southwest of the village of Dolni Dubnik and 22 km . west of the town of Pleven. This is the former battlefield of the Russo -Turkish War of 1877-1878 , and the memorial park named after mortally wounded in battle Russian General Vasily Nikolaevich Lavrov . It was built in the period 1950 1954 . an area of ​​320 acres. Thirteen monument erected in 1979. by the Russian Ministry of Defence , with participants from the War of Liberation and relatives of the victims were scattered south and southwest of the village of Dolni Dubnik . The idea to make a park near the village existed long ago. In 1912 Stoyan Zaimov offers area around the tomb to erect a memorial park " Gurko ." In 1950 . gen. Ivan Vinarov at the time was head of the General Directorate of roads , done a lot of planting of Pleven and its surroundings , with the idea to collect all the memorials of some of the monuments around the battlefield to create a park. Author of the project and the architectural design of the park 's Arch. V.Tiholov . Work on the creation of the park , which voluntarily participated many villagers , he led winning the Alexei Vodopiyanov . In the field , where the park has led one of the most important battles for the liberation of Pleven. This field is soaked with the blood of hundreds of Russian soldiers devoted their lives for our freedom . Together with Russian soldiers shoulder to shoulder and killed 22 persons young Finns and dozens of their countrymen were wounded . The fraternal mounds are placed monuments of the dead guards from Leybgvardeyskiya Grenadier , Leybgvardeyskiya Moscow , Leybgvardeyskiya Pawlowski , Leybgvardeyskiya Izmaylovsky and Leybgvardeyskiya Finnish regiment were placed sculptures of fallen officers : Col. Elmar Prokop , Colonel Konstantin Runowo , Colonel Nikolai Ozharevski and Lieutenant Nikolay Porozhenko . Among them is placed the stone sculpture " Eternal Friendship " by Peter Zlatarev (1953) . Discovered and exposure to Russian guns of war. The park has its present form since 1977 , when a comprehensive reconstruction and new monuments were erected . It was restored in the "Beautiful Bulgaria " (2001) . In 2004 a chapel was erected "St. George ." Walking through the alleys of the park you can feel the presence of the morale of our liberators . Monuments like tell us that the brave soldiers who died here in a foreign land and away from home to gain our freedom , have to be remembered. They introduce us to their heroism and make us feel gratitude and appreciation as they contributed to the freedom of our country .

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