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Gorni Tsibar Beach

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Gorni Tsibar

The beach of the village of Gorni Tsibar is one of the most popular summer holiday in the municipality of Vulchedrum. It is popular among residents and visitors of the village because it offers extremely nice and quiet places for sunbathing and fishing or the exercise of other water sports. Nature here is quiet and reserved by the influence of humans.

Neighboring islands in the river, some of which have been declared protected areas and reserves, has an impressive diversity of flora and fauna, especially with regard to the bird kingdom. Nesting dozens of rare and protected species (such as gray heron, black stork, Dalmatian Pelican) and the village of Gorni Tsibar coincidentally is included in the "Natura 2000".

The beach is a nice covered with fine sand and clean, but you should consider that in the spring high water of the Danube entire beach is inundated, so it is suitable for use only during the warmer months of the year. A big advantage of the beach near the village here is that constant breeze blowing from the river, so even on the hottest days you can find so desired coolness.

During hunting season, Gorni Tsibar are preferred by scouts as animal diversity is high because of the gracious nature - foxes, wild boars, rabbits, deer. Danube here is with petit beach without water tanks and whirlpools. However, keep in mind that tragic accidents are not an exception considering the fact that the beach is unguarded. This is especially true if you have small children or you can not swim. However, if you approach it responsibly, there is nothing to worry and you can spend a nice time near the riverbank.

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