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Gorni Vadin Beach

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Gorni Vadin

In recent years, the beach of the village of Gorni Vadin becoming increasingly popular not only among locals but also among tourists from all over the Northwest, even from other parts of Bulgaria. It happens sometimes to visit him and foreigners. This is due to the excellent conditions for recreation here. The coastline is covered with fine sand, clean and offers excellent views of the surrounding area, the Danube and the Romanian bank.

The water is relatively clean even by the standards of one of the most polluted rivers of European industry and is quite hot from the start of the summer, right up to late autumn. However, it should be borne in mind that during the spring rains and melting snow in Central Europe beach near the village of Gorni Vadin usually flooded and can not be used as a tourist destination.

During the rest of the warmer months, however, the beach is very appealing. Here the coast is gentle, absent any underwater pits, whirlpools or dead currents. We should not forget that bathing in large rivers such as the Danube is not without potential risks, especially if you are weak swimmers or you came here with young children. Beaches near Gorni Vadin allows the practice of a large number of water sports such as diving, kayaking, riding a water bike and the nearby pier daily collected dozens fishermen.

The beach is located within the village and its long road, so access is very easy. Although relatively popular place is not crowded almost never, so you can find a secluded spot on which to relax in peace and relax from everyday life. In the shops and restaurants in the village you can find everything you need if you decide to stretch the tent and stay for longer.

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