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Belyar Cave

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Gorno Ozirovo

Belyar cave is located in the cold troughs near the village of Gorno rice , Municipality Varshetz . No built marking and identification and is relatively difficult. Access is like from the village of Upper Rice is go east on the left sleeve of the River Black River. The terrain is easy gentle and easy to reach the final destination , but not suitable in the winter months . It is said that the river originates precisely from the cave.

Deep is 282 meters long and 2560 ( 23 minutes in length cave in Bulgaria and fifth in depth) .

Starting with a narrow entrance and a 13 -meter plummet . Pass through many large cave galleries , following the path of the underground river. Along and is relatively rich in caves . Composed of rock and limestone, which is typical of most caves in this region. The cave is rich in flora and fauna as it is inaccessible precipice. Inhabited by several species of spiders , and for anyone deemed to be totally blind .

To conquer it takes around 7-8 - hours good preparation , it is desirable to have a skilled and experienced driver.

The most beautiful room is located at a depth of 250 meters . At the lower end and then two frets suddenly entered a narrow meander that ends with stenosis . Here are 300m. and length - 208m.denivelatsiya . This is the former bottom of the cave.

Caving Belyar not yet completed. Last edited map is from 1968 and subsequently changed depth .

Belyar cave is located in the Natural Park '' '' Vratsa Balkan , who in March 1997 was declared a site of international importance. The reserve has been placed under strict protection. Here the rare and endangered : Egyptian vulture, peregrine falcon , short-toed eagle , buzzard tailless , eight types of representatives of bats.

In the surroundings, there are many beautiful and spectacular views. Worn many legends , an old Roman road , and many other caves and holes .. It is said that Valchan leader buried his money in a cave passing below the peak Stresher ( highest around) .

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