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Sveshtnik peak

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Gotse Delchev

In older sources you may have information that Sveshtnik (Candlestick) Peak is the highest peak in South Pirin . This is not so , it divided the championship a little more than 2 meters. Highest peak in the southern part of the mountain is Mount Ears , 1977.6 meters high . Candlestick peak rises the main mountain ridge and has a conical shape with steep rounded hills . It is located south of the saddle Popov meadows and northwest of Mount Ears , which is associated with well-defined saddle . West of the peak scaled side hill, plummeting to the confluence of the rivers curve and Koynarska at Yurushka peak.

1975.4 meters high and built of granite, Candlestick is particularly challenging for individuals prepared hiker . Common starting point for the ascent is Popovi meadows. The route takes between 2 and 3 hours along a marked trail . From the peak Candlestick with panoramic views of the valley of the Struma River , Mount Oreliak Western Rhodopes , the valley of the Mesta , and Slavianka Stargach .

If peak Candlestick you are not impressed , worth at least visiting Popov meadows. The area is 4-5 sunny meadows , surrounded on all sides by pine forest (mainly pine but also spruce and white fir ) . Here you can enjoy the abundance of mushrooms and berries, as well as clear streams . There are several eco and cycling trails of varying length . Curious legend about the origin of the name of the area. It tells the patriotic priest who lived during the Ottoman rule . Chased by the Turks, he is hiding in the forests between the peak and the peak Orelyak Candlestick . This gives rise to local people to start calling Popovi meadows. Other sights that are worth seeing are Kayaliisky rocks , bought, karst springs and reservoirs Slavianka pools, Gaytaninovo , Gyurovitsa , Kanina, Lialevo dere , Paril and Blue rock.

Although South Pirin is very popular among tourists available here are several huts - Spring , Raspberry , Pirin, Popov meadows, Slavianka and dormitory Gotse Delchev .

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