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Historic Landmark
Byalgrad Fortress

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If your sense of adventure leeds you to Haskovo , do not miss the chance to stop the fortress Byalgrad . Fortress located in the municipality Ivaylovgrad, 2 km from the village with the friendly name Gugutka . The name comes from the fortress of white limestone stone blocks that make up .

Since now recognize that Byalgrad not received the extensive archaeological survey . However, the place and the castle are worth to be seen. Typical of the area where there is a fortress , you will need to obtain the patience and physical strength to be able to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages. According to historians , the fortress was built early in the XII century and has been the site of an urban village in which he lived feudal lord . After the fall of the Ottomans Byalgrad not share the fate of other Bulgarian strongholds - to be destroyed, and it stays Turkish dignitary . It was he who contributed the castle is preserved to this day , making innovation and new reinforcements .

Ramparts of Byalgrad rise to 8 meters high, two meters thick and have a length of about 550 meters. In places the walls are even double - a rare phenomenon in fortifications in the region. Another impressive landmark castle The tower - main tower of the castle. It has two main functions - in peacetime was in prison , and during the war served as a defense.

According to historical records in Byalgrad is a beautiful feudal castle . Unfortunately, today there is no trace of it. Rather courtyard we can see the ruins of a medieval church . Curious about her is that its foundations were dug into the ground , which is quite logical. According to Turkish law , Christians have no right to build temples of more than 2 meters above the ground. The type of its architecture it was nave and apse .

From the fortress Byalgrad there is a splendid view of Mount Vetren .

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