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Gulyantsi Beach

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Beach Gulyantsi is in itself, on the Vit River flowing here, just a few kilometers before it flows into the Danube. The coastline is covered with fine sand beautiful , although relatively narrow, long enough to accommodate a lot of visitors, without feeling crowded. On the contrary - here you can almost always find a secluded quiet place to relax in peace.

Turbulent upper flow of the river Vit in this place already tamed run quietly, even to slow its mouth. This allows it to swim without any particular concern, especially given that its bottom is sloping. Unfortunately, the purity of the water too often is in doubt, so you should avoid bathing here, especially if you have skin problems or allergies. Particularly in the autumn in the spring you, Vit often becomes very turbulent due to the fallen in the upper river many rains. However, during most of the summer, the beach of the river in Gulyantsi is the perfect place to relax, cool and fun.

In the vicinity there are a number of sites to visit, as the flora and fauna here are extremely rich. Around Gulyantsi grow many rare and endangered plants as wood anemone, snowdrop endemic species, degenov rock dill.

Although mammals and insects to feature impressive species diversity due to the specifics of the area, which is located in Gulyantsi, the presence of many wetlands near richness of waterfowl here really stuns. You live and protected nationwide toed Eagle, Long-legged Buzzard, Egyptian vulture and black stork. Nature in the vicinity of Gulyantsi is also well preserved and picturesque, it's worthwhile to look at.

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