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Manuilova Cave

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Located near the village Ribnovo Garmen municipality , Blagoevgrad . Long is 2,175 m ( -115 m elevation ) and is located 1,107 meters above sea level. Located on the lower slopes of Ribnovo gully on the left bank of the river Manoilovski dol, Zapadnorodopski Dabrash hill , 3 km east of downtown Ribnovo - 3 km asphalt road + 7 min walk along a forest trail right of way to the cave entrance .

The cave has two floors diverge as 300 meters from the entrance.

In the village Osikovo road forks - the right is Ribnovo left is the center of the village .

Cave is difficult to find, but if you choose to look - goes on the road to Ribnovo . After 2-3 km has a characteristic almost opposite left turn . 20m after the completion of the turn to the right and upward diagonally separated black truck road . Reasonable car to leave before this time , accessible only to SUVs. After 100 meters the road turns right and becomes almost equal, and the right of it is paid a steep trail that goes through the sloping potato fields . Within a few minutes, she appears in another time. Screw it on the left , the road has a slight slope. The moment that begins to descend , turn left and climb down into Manoilovskoto gully . Path seems scarcely to be careful not to fall off the rocks . The cave is large, but not visible from afar.

Moreover described there is another way - by Ribnovo the eponymous gorge . He is gentle and dry weather is passable by car near the entrance of the hole , you only need to cross the ravine .

It may be that the door is blocked (probably by treasure hunters ), but clearing it is not difficult or dangerous.

Go near the cave river with places for recreation.

The cave is extremely interesting. The cave has two floors diverge as 300 meters from the entrance. Early in a 2 threshold which overcomes without inventory. The second threshold is overcome after shearing in the highest part of the left and go close to the right. Extremely impressive and very deep meandering curves in which a weak man might go wrong, but larger to crawl as below is the widest part of meanders . The bad thing is that in this part of the cave is very scratched. Shortly after it enters the canyon of the river which is very beautiful . Formations almost absent , but the water washes huge marble pieces . The river ends in a large sinkhole .

There are a lot of bats and smells bad. In the cave were created over thousands of years almost all kinds of different forms .

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