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Historic Landmark
Nicopolis ad Nestum

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7 km east of Gotse Delchev is situated in the ancient Roman town Nicopolis ad Nestum. In this southeastern part of Bulgaria, between localities and Hisarlaka Marchov farm in the southern part of the village of Garmen were able to preserve the ruins of Nicopolis, who ranged in age from about 16 centuries. In place of a Thracian settlement in 106 AD Emperor Trayan based Nicopolis ad Nestum, which is one of three towns built by him in honor of the victory of the Roman Empire over the Dacians. It is called the "City of Victory in Places."

At the end of 6th century Slavs and Avars attacked Nicopolis ad Nestum and ruined it. In the 9-10 century it was revived again under the name of Nikopol and existed until the 13th century, when it collapsed in the campaigns of the Crusaders. During the late Middle Ages part of the site is a Bulgarian village and in the southeastern part of the fortified town - Turkish farm.

In excavations at Nicopolis ad Nestum have been cleared 280 meters castle walls, foundations of public and religious buildings and burial mounds. Found fragments of votive reliefs of the Thracian Horseman, a statuette of Hermes, an old-Christian gravestone, over 95 gold and 22 other coins, glass, bronze and ceramic vessels, a gold ring and others. Near the fortified town found two early Christian basilicas in the 4th century

Itself Nicopolis ad Nestum is extremely important archaeological monument. All outdoor historical complex extends 14 km area. From here balneological resort Ognyanovo holds an close. Until the city the most attractive are two old plane trees aged 600 years. 2.5 km from Garmen in "Gramadeto" is early Christian basilica. About 10-15 km are Leshten holiday village and reserve Kovachevitsa.

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