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Located on the crossroads connecting the East and West, Europe and Asia, Haskovo reflects the history of Bulgaria. The oldest settlements in the city date back to the Neolithic era (V thousand BC.). Evidence of the long history of Haskovo are numerous prehistoric, Thracian, Roman, late antique and medieval monuments. Highest in the world statue of Virgin Mary with the infant was built on a hill "Yamacha" and has become a symbol of the city. More about the monument, you can learn here: http://sveta_bogoroditsa_haskovo.hotelmap.bg/

In the town of Haskovo reserved several houses from the 19th century - the period of Bulgarian Revival. They impress with original architecture, beautiful carvings on the ceilings, walls, doors, beautiful decoration in the rooms. Governed by the Regional History Museum permanent exhibitions in them reveal treasures from the life of Haskovo - amazing blend of rural, urban and European life. You have to be seen from this period - House Chorbadji Pasca, Shishmans house, Kirkov school, Gurkova house, house Chorbadji Dimitrak.

Today Haskovo is one of the traditional wine centers in the country and is known as a national spa. Remarkable is the church "St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel "from 1861. The monument is impressive with rich woodcarvings of the iconostasis, the bishop's throne and small iconostasis (proskinitariy), the famous artist Jane Spirov. For three decades at the end of April in Haskovo gather debutants in poetry and prose from around the country, attracted by the traditional literature days "Southern Spring". In late May, the famous park "Kenana" near Haskovo became the scene of folk art - fairs are held, "Lovely Thrace Sings and Dances". It out play are singing and dancing amateur groups.

Haskovo is located to the village Klokotnitsa where prize in 1230 Tsar Ivan Asen II defeated ruler of Epirus Theodore Komnenos.

Near Haskovo is located Alexander tomb Perperikon and Orpheus' sanctuary near the village of Tatul.

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