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Mineral Baths Haskovo

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Haskovo, Haskovski mineraln...

Mineral Baths are located in southeastern Bulgaria, 18 km from the town of Haskovo. The municipality is surrounded by beautiful woodland which made it gives you fresh air and natural beauty. In the region are found many archaeological finds from the prehistoric, ancient and medieval, which is a testament to the millennial use of heavy and hot mineral water here. In the area of Haskovo Mineral Baths has 15 hydrothermal springs whose temperature varies from 54 ° C to 56 ° C. Mineral water, sun and mild climate have highly beneficial effects on the human body. The resort treated a number of domestic and chronic joint diseases. Available to visitors to the resort are healing and sports terrains, paths dosed field treatment conditions in the forestry-recreation park areas of the resort. In his spare time, guests have the opportunity for walks and picnics in the picturesque surroundings of the resort and visit the nearby town of Haskovo and its attractions.

Sightseeing in these places are - maintained reserve "Boraca" in the village Sarnitsa protected area "Aida" - Spahievo village, the phenomenon "Orlova Rock", a complex of rock formations "standing stone" landmark "mirror scale". One of the most visited places are near the village Sarnitsa dolmens. An interesting object is a trace of the Roman era, called "steps." Historians say it is an ancient sarcophagus and the local population has created a legend about Mary and her "miraculous step", so Christians and Muslims venerate this holy place and leave thread or piece of clothing for health and happiness. Other remains from Roman times are strongholds "Gradishteto" a fortress above the village Surnitsa. Sharapanite rock grooves are made by people before the 2600-2800 years. These are artificially made grooves in the rocks, these inhabitants of these places are processed grapes for wine. Sharapan there in Kara Kaya, Garvanitsa, burnt, Avramov stone. In the "Drenaka" is a deposit of lily and peony.

The proximity of Haskovo allows to take advantage of ways to have fun and places to stay are in every taste and ability.

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