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Bozalan dam

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Bozalan Dam , also known as Bakr dere or Verinsko represents dam built near the village of Verinsko, Ihtiman , Sofia. Its water level by river Baba. The surrounding area of the basin is very beautiful , some are stretched dense pine forests. Favorite place for rest , relaxation, picnics and fishing , as it is located relatively close to the capital Sofia. Lovers of sport fishing can capture some of the many species that thrive in its waters : carp , perch , sun fish , bleak , roach. Keep in mind that the dam is paying admission . No additional payment for the amount of fish caught . Bozalan dam is relatively low banks and not very deep . If you look deeper places convenient to fish , go to the dam or the mouth of the lake. Where the depth varies between 4 and 10 meters. The area around the basin is very rich in mushrooms. Mushroom and experts in the field often come here to raise your favorite mushrooms . Can meet the following species: deer, porcini , wild mushrooms , chanterelles , rezhika . Nearby is one of the largest dams in Bulgaria - Iskar Dam . It is also a much loved and attractive place for tourists. Make sure you visit if you're in the area. Only about 6 km from the dam rip Bakker is the picturesque village Boeritsa . The village is situated at the foot of the Ihtiman forest and offers the tourist incredible scenery and beautiful views of coniferous and deciduous forests around.

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