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Topolnitsa dam

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The Topolnitza dam is built Topolnitsa River ( 155 km ) - the longest river in the Central Mountain forest. Situated in the southern deep valley formed in the central Srednogorie . Its area reaches 570 hectares , and its water is used for irrigation of farmland . You can reach the pond in two ways. The first is to go through the village Poibrene and so will exit the top of the dam. To reach the village should be driving on the road Sofia - Panagiurishte in town Vakarel . This option is best because nature itself in this part is picturesque , especially with the influx of the river Topolnitsa and the river Mativir . Moreover, here you can see the beautiful island in the waters of the basin . Following the river Mativir you will reach the medieval fortress Shishmans " Kale" (about two hours walk) . The second route to the dam passes through the village Muhovo and takes you directly below the dam wall. Here is reached by a deviation from Trakia motorway.

TheTopolnitza dam offers very good conditions for practicing different types of tourism . Its shores are picturesque holiday homes and villas, which are suitable for longer stays . The climate and the stunning mountain scenery will caress the soul of every tourist ! Meadows and woodlands vomit pond ideal for camping and picnics . Anglers will not be disappointed. Thrive in its waters carp , white fish, bream , rudd , perch . Near the dam is located and historic site "Oborishte" you must visit .

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