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Iskar village beach

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The beach is located in the village of Iskar, situated along the eponymous river, just a few kilometers from the shores of the Danube. The coastline is narrow and long, covered with earth and only in places with sand. Nevertheless, however here you can enjoy the spectacular views and enjoy the peace and quiet and the coolness of the river during the hottest summer months.

The village is small and not close to the main tourist destinations, so if you expect to get luxury or good service, this is definitely not your place. However, in case you're looking for solitude in nature or enjoyment with friends outdoors, this unknown beach can become what you want in place, which for a few hours or even a few days (if you come here with a caravan, camper or decide to pull the tent) to "hide" from civilization.

During the summer months the river is usually calm and warm; bottom is sloping and does not hide dangerous currents or pits. However, you should be aware that the beach is unguarded and need to be careful, especially if you have young children or are not good swimmers. Given that you are cautious, however, you can relax well and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature in one of the most unknown places in Bulgaria.

The beach of the village of Iskar is visited for fishing opportunities that gives. Keen anglers in the neighborhood, and from different parts of Bulgaria, come every year to try their luck. And usually they "binds" because there is a remarkable variety of different types of river fish, and it in impressive quantities. If you stay for a few days, you can jump off to Gigen village, near which are the remains of one of the largest Roman cities in the Balkan Danube - Ulpia Eskus

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