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For Zheravna much can be told. But history can be seen preserved the narrow cobblestone streets, in which curves are beautiful Cyprus houses, proudly guarding the memories of old times.

Zheravna is situated in Balkan Mountains, 12 km from the town of Kotel and 50 km from the town of Sliven. The area of the village has been inhabited since ancient times. In XVII century Zheravna turned into a crafts and cultural center. Today Zheravna is an architectural museum reserve and well preserved and restored houses, decorated with exquisite carvings, narrow cobbled streets and numerous fountains. Some of them are over 300 years of history. Nearby, many gushing springs, most of which are taken to spout fountains. 172 houses in the village are declared monuments of culture. In rural Dobromiritsa Park, near the village each year in the second half of August is held the National Festival of folk costume. A sign at the entrance says that bad mood and entry without costume were strictly forbidden. In the village have been restored and revived 150 objects, among which is the church "St. Nikolai "was built in 1834 It is arranged a rich exhibition of icons, stone sculptures and church plate.

Interest to tourists are also house a museum, "Jordan Yovkov" house museum "Sava Filaretov" - Exhibition "History Zheravna" house museum "Russia Chorbadji" - Exhibition "Customs and culture of the Renaissance Zheravna (XVIII - XIX century)" . museum houses work every day and entrance fee is 3 lev

Placement in Zheravna follows the spirit and style of architecture in the village. You will not see a hotel with a contemporary, modernist architecture. Guest houses have been restored houses that offer rooms with a characteristic time atmosphere. The tranquility here will surprise you, and walk around the village and its surroundings is indeed a great pleasure.

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